the Modern LARA Language

Welcome to the Lara language page!
Goyalin ya bletan Lara tegà

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Here you will find everything you need to learn this "mediterranean" sounding language created by AlexLexa! with simple words, with a vocabulary of over 7000 entries, an ancient history and a development that took place in almost 30 years!
Any text can be translated and written.


exercises will lead you to get to know the Lara progressively, and to be able to use it at different levels: from the beginner, to the intermediate and finally to the expert! Try the EXERCISES and become a real Larian!
A certificate will be sent for each level that is achieved, and Lara's experts will be able to contribute to the construction of its culture and its world.

Have fun!

The Complete LARA Grammar in English: LARA GRAMMAR (English)

La Grammatica LARA Completa in Italiano: GRAMMATICA LARA (Italiano)


Anthology of texts in Ancient and Modern LARA: LARA Anthology.

Some examples of short texts in Lara; the first is a "Syuba" (a candy, a little allegorical story):

"Zizi grumi la" - Syuba

Zizi grumi la nen pyuka bolyen wafaro i la gomen oye gume kora. Mati meden tawta i katen gruvi byeli fitannò gungi stifu sà pamen grâ. Sa glaen huma dà i la tien: “Ai a lwi luki kair goi grâ i lâ pyukàn i kinkir stifu mizi fità si dri fiduno”. Ni glâ somen tienno imi ga. Es planyen tiuno gà i hota tuen hogu dà hali fivano borà i vyuù. Luhakenno la luk’i dri. Mami nakano hunen i zari fiba yuen šofi tluro. Huen fita i pelen pyukàn. Tairo maen gume balali pra. Droi i gili toga hunen ari gruvi fita. Sa blaka zizi grumi là. Trifa melen ni fiba lonen fitannò paro ti.

Translation: "The old rich man" (Syuba)

An old rich man saw a hill sorrounded by a wood and liked to climb it to watch at the panorama. Soon he felt exhaustion and sat down under an old bent tree the skeletal branches of which touched the ground. This saddened his heart and he thought: "If I was still young I would bring good earth and water up the hill and tie up the branches of this poor tree with strong poles". But his sadness increased since he thought over himself. So he fell asleep with this thoughts and his breath filled with the fresh smell of the sky and the flowers. When he woke up again he was young and strong. Being wondering he stood up and a diamond ring slipped off his restless fingers. He said goodbye to the tree and ran up the hill. He could watch at the wonderful nature from above. A mighty green oak rised at the place of the old tree. This is the story of the old rich man. The magpie passed by but the ring remained under the tree since then.

"Mapa mù"

Mapa mù boran
Aga nà eharè
Yoka nà alè
Sga nà epè
Boran graan go
Savasi vè evasi kna mur
Miè agyu mù
G’u mie agiduro mù
I mi purè mu bunàr
Ni himè rearo

"Our Father"

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy Name.
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day, our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

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